Out of the Box Music Contest

The FreeingMusic team wants to reward YOU for your music!

FreeingMusic is dedicated to helping artists share, promote, and receive compensation for their music. In addition to paying you for each FREE download of your tracks, we are happy to announce the “Out of the Box” contest, which gives artists the opportunity to win more than $1000!

How It Works

Everyone is eligible for entry, and it couldn’t be easier!

• Sign Up!

 o If you haven’t joined the movement yet, sign up for a FreeingMusic account. You only have to do this once, and from there on in you’ll be eligible to enter any and all contests, and share your music at any time!


• Upload!

 o Any song uploaded before the contest deadline is automatically entered into the contest, but the earlier you do it the better your chances are. You will have the opportunity to promote your music to millions of people, which can open you a door to the music business.


• Let the fans decide!

o Anyone with a FreeingMusic account can vote during the contest. Each person is limited one vote per song per day. However, the number of songs one person can vote for is unlimited. So come back each day to vote for your favourite tracks, and even yourself!

o Spread the word. Mobilize your fans, friends and family. Acquire new fans.. Every vote counts !!!


• Win Cash!

o The three songs with the most votes at the end of the contest period will be rewarded in cash via PayPal. So spread the word and keep those votes coming.


Prize Structure

• 1st Place: $1000

• 2nd Place: $300

• 3rd Place: $200


The results are updated instantly and can be viewed by searching for music and using the “most voted” filter. To win the grand prize of $1000 the first place song must have at least 100,000 votes. If it recieved less the prize will be scaled relative to the number of votes. For example: the 1st prize for 10,000 votes is $100. As a buffer, the prize will be no smaller than $10.

To find out more about compensation read here

Previous winners can be found here.

Good Luck!